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Do you have a "Black Henna" tattoo that's starting to blister and itch?


You've been sensitised to PPD, para-phenylenediaime, and you MUST go to a doctor!



What is "Black Henna"?

Henna is NOT black.  If someone offers you something called "Black Henna", it is NOT henna.  If someone has something that stains skin black, it is NOT henna.  The black dye is probably para-phenylendiamine, also known as PPD, and that can cause an allergic reaction.

PPD, or para-phenylenediamine is a snythetic coal tar dye, and can cause severe reactions in some people.  The picture below shows someone who has had a reaction to "Black Henna" containing PPD.

Sensitisation to PPD is life-long and has ruined some people's health.  It may also affect your chosen career as once you have been sensitised there may be a chance that you may be allergic to beauty products and other chemicals.  This makes the career of a beautician or hairdresser almost impossible!

The International Chemical Safety Card for PPD gives a clear indication of how dangerous it can be and how utterly inappropriate it is for skin application. 

If your "Black Henna" tattoo is starting to itch and blister GO TO A DOCTOR! NOW!

                                              Scar left by Black Henna






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